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Curriculum Sytem

Based on the Common European Framework (CEFR), it is more suitable for children whose second language is English.

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Scientifically graded and improved step by step

Advanced research and development based on internationally recognized language proficiency standards. SproutABC courses are based on the development of Oxford University Press textbooks and refer to the CEFR and Cambridge examination system, combined with structured curriculum standards, to help improve English performance and advance English abilities.

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Reference Standard

Course Level

Main Course

Minor Courses

Activity Class


Vocabulary Class

English Course L1

Spelling Lessons

Themed Lessons A/B

Primary Level

Mid Level

Advanced Level

English Course L2 (Research and Development)

Reading Class (Research and Development)

Themed Lessons C

Learning Aids

Strong Class Interaction

Oral Training

Full English closed loop learning

Three-dimensional learning process, let children fall in love with learning English

Fun themed lessons

A variety of interesting themed classes to further broaden children’s horizons and knowledge

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Adventure themed lessons

Guide children to learn through exploration and improve their concentration and understanding.

Interactive Puzzles

Stimulate children's curiosity, let children think strategically and solve problems independently.

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Interactive Participation

Mobilize children's learning enthusiasm in partnership with each other, children imitate one another and maintain a high level of enthusiasm for learning.

Step by Step Courses


800 Lessons with additional interactive games,

leading children to advancement and promotions to master English

English Learning Courses for Kids
Best English Courses fo Kids
Best English Courses for Children
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Solemn Commitment


Service commitment

The exclusive class teacher will accompany you one-on-one, respond to learning needs, and follow up with learning progress throughout the process.

Teacher commitment

Foreign teachers are carefully selected to ensure a superior teaching level for all lecturers.