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High Quality English Teachers

Our pure native language foreign teachers understand education and all foreign teachers have recognized English teaching qualifications like TEFL, TESOL etc.

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Strict Selection of Pure English Foreign Teachers

SproutABC foreign teachers are all from native English speakers, with rich teaching experience, and have undergone strict professional assessment and induction training.

Vocabulary Class

English Course L1

Spelling Lessons

Themed Lessons A/B

English Course L2 (Research and Development)

Reading Class (Research and Development)

Themed Lessons C

Study English Online for Children

Authority Certification

All foreign teachers have obtained TESOL/TESL International English Teaching Qualification Certification

Study English Online for Small Kids

Native Speaker Teaching

With a pure pronunciation and an international perspective, you can have your children appreciate
the charm of another culture.

Study English Online for Small Children

Active Classroom

High quality native English teachers, encourage teaching, being enthusiastic and lively and also help children open diversified vision

Learn English Online for Small Children

Parent Satisfaction

Regular training and continuous assessment, along with third party professional monitoring and screening

Advantages of Pure English Foreign Teachers

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Best Online English Teachers

Star Teacher

My teaching style is full of energy and very student focused, and I find great pleasure in teaching children in SproutABC.

Best choice ever!

Jessey Wellock

I enjoy teaching at SproutABC, and I believe everyone has their own method to learn. If we use the correct method to teach, nothing is hard to learn.


I always wished I could help the children from non English-speaking countries to learn English easily and efficiently. SproutABC made this wish a reality I value every day.


Best Online English Teacher

Strict Acceptance Rate

Only 3 out of 100 applicants will be recruited to ensure that every foreign teacher is truly of high quality.

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Resume Screening

Video Interview

Pre-job Training

Background Check

Formal Contract

Continuous Assessment

Strong Quality Assurance

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Training team

Make learning materials for foreign teachers, conduct simulated classroom training, and regularly supervise and evaluate to ensure the continuous optimization and improvement of foreign teachers' class skills.

Academic Affairs Team

Timely and effectively arrange foreign teachers' course time so that foreign teachers can serve more students; deal with the problems of foreign teachers in class in time to ensure the quality of teaching.

Technical team

Self-developed classroom software system, providing a smooth and clear interactive teaching platform, escorting the course, making full use of every minute of the classroom.